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Do not you remember the girl who stepped in to chenda during an elephant? After Parvathy, she is now a fresher in social media. The celebration of the girl was held at Edayriyinchiyil near Iringalakkuda in Thrissur.

At first the chain began to be chopped. One of the competitors invited us to the conclusion of the fair. The song ‘Ballet Molle Devi you saw in your childhood’ and the excitement that I was fond of was the celebration. The video shows the victim’s footsteps.

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How to get insurance to your bike

Are you one of the many road bike enthusiasts in the UK who like to feel the wind in their hair or enjoy the excitement of climbing a hill at high speeds? Do you ride a bike to work, in rain or shine.

and protect yourself from wild cars and buses? Or maybe he goes to the shops with his reliable bike? Whatever your style, the power of the pedal has its charms.

Best Bike Insurance company

How To claim your bike to insurace

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